Our professional team of wireless communication system planners has strong expertise gained through many years experience in providing coverage enhancement solutions. We have a full understanding of government regulatory compliance requirements in all regions in which we work. We are able to provide a consultation service which results in an effective proposition for any large-scale building, airport, tunnel, coastal or other areas requiring an enhanced coverage signal.


Site Surveying and Design

Our system planning team includes engineers who are specialists in site survey. These experienced engineers are fully aware which types of environmental factors can influence the reliability of coverage enhancement systems. The feedback they provide allows the design engineers to propose a system solution that best suits the environment in which it will be implemented.
Once all factors are understood, we work in conjunction with the customers to ensure the solution best matches the customer’s requirements in regard to performance, system flexibility and costs.


Installation, Commissioning and Optimization

We aim to provide a solution that is as much ‘plug and play’ as possible, but certain types of Eyecom products will require installation by expert technicians. If the customer requires us to provide this service, we have a team of people who are able to work any where in the world and who are fully trained to work in any environment from installing an outdoor BTS antenna installation thru to a full leaky feed tunnel communication system.
To ensure any system is working optimally and meets design parameters, a detailed commissioning procedure will be carried out once the installation is complete. We are able to work with the customer to define optimum performance levels and using state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment we are able to ensure these levels are met.


Training and After Sales Support

We provide many different levels of training to our customer dependant on their particular situation. Our training will allow the customer if they so wish to install, test & commission and operate any system or product we offer. Each product will include an detailed installation instruction and in the case of more complex products such as repeater, we include an operation manual which outlines items such as configuration options through to trouble shooting.
Our support team are fluent in a number of languages and are fully trained and can provide remote assistance or on-site repair if required. We have a full array of portable test and measurement equipment and we carry numerous spare for immediate swap out. The ultimate goal of our support team is to ensure the customer’s system has as minimal downtime as possible.
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